Our Story

A "kitchen table" game store is born...

Zenergy Games is nestled away just west of Historic Downtown Summerville, SC. Kenny and Lori Kirlin opened the store in June 2017 after retiring from the US Navy. Magic the Gathering has been a favorite family past-time throughout their marriage and with a big heart for gamers and the military, owning a game store became the plan for post-military life.


Zenergy caters to a variety of tabletop and card games. With three separate game rooms, the possibilities are endless: Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh are the frontrunners for TCGs in the main game room.

In the War Room, you will find Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar battles throughout the day on two custom made 4x4 bar height tables. There is a wide variety of terrain available for in store use.


The Dragon's Lair, home to the local Dragon Ball players, is a private 2 table room that seats up to 12. It is used as an overflow TCG room, as well as a haven for Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel and other RPGs.


The mission at Zenergy is to provide a place for gamers to come together and build a supportive community where all are welcome and respected. While competitive players are always an important part of the local game scene, Zenergy makes hobbyists and beginners feel right at home with a family friendly, kitchen table atmosphere.